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Experience Living in Yacht

When you book a night stay in our yacht, it will be berthed (parked) at all times. You may opt for a sail out at an additional fee with boarding crews involved in the voyage.  Once we have arrived back at the marina, crew will leave and all guest rooms are ready for you to utilize. 


Main Deck - Helm Station

Main helm station. Common place for the captain for navigation and control deck. 


Guest Room

Fitted with super king size bed , tv airconditioned room, toilet, hotwater.


Top Deck - Helm Station

Helm station at the top deck for outdoor viewing and at higher perspective


Main Deck - Longue

Sheltered longue area with back curtains removable to savour the view. 


Guest Toilet

Toilet comes with countertop sink, tap, toilet, mini bath tub.


Rear Deck

At the rear of the yacht, fitted with swim ladder and a 1.5m platform deck. 


Living Room

Fitted with LED Television, Karaoke Set, Airconditioned area, x2 Sofa Bed.



Pantry with refrigerator , 2 sink, cooking pots, induction heater.


Front Deck

Spacious front deck 

What's onboard:

That you can use ....

- Complimentary WIFI
- Professional Karaoke Set
(English, Malay, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Tagalog, Vietnamese)
- Netflix , Disney+, Youtube
- Board Games (Twister / Game of Life) 

- Fish Rod x2
- Crab Net  / Bento Crab

For more enquiries, you can email us at

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