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Terms of Service

Hosted by Owner

The service provided is an experience dining / bbq / steamboat onboard a yacht hosted by the owner only. . This is not a yacht-chartered service nor its a restaurant. All food are prepared according to the number of pax booked. We do not carry passengers to ferry to point A to point B. Only invited guests are able to board in and meant for one family onboard at a time. 

Halal Authencity

Rest assured that all the food provided onboard is halal assured. As the owner of the yacht is a Muslims, it is abided for us to maintain Muslim friendly food sources for our Muslims brothers and sisters. 

Routes Location

All sailing routes are fixed and not allowed to changed according to guest request. 

Boarding Documentations

As this is an invite only type of boarding, there is no need to bring any documentation onboard. Your dedicated captain will contact you directly on the day of boarding. Just make sure that you bring along your NRIC. We will be on Singapore local waters therefore passport is not required.

Motion Sickness

One thing to keep in mind is that some of your guests that you invite may experience motion sickness while at sea even though the waters are calm. This is a common condition that affects many people and we want you to know that there are remedies and off the rack measures to counter these symptoms. You can either consume motion sickness pills or patches or bands which are readily available at any pharmacy Watson / Guardian.

Smoking Policy

There is a no smoking policy at all times. Those carrying vape  or any illegal substances are not allowed onboard. 

Wet Weather

Rain weather at the marina often ceases quickly as it is most commonly observed as passing rain. However in such a situation of continuous heavy rain especially during the monsoon period, you can have a choice to postpone the session to another available date. Due to unsatisfactory weather conditions there will not be any postpone charges should you decide to move it to another date. This option of  rescheduling will be made available 2 hours before boarding time. You may also still proceed with the session during wet weather with light drizzle rain however with thunderous storms , no sailing activities will be permitted due to safety reasons.

Privacy Matters

As we document your journey with us, we may take photos or videos. If you would like to keep your experience more private and do not want us to share any pictures or videos on our social media platform, please inform the captain. We would be happy to accommodate your request and respect your privacy.

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